Hey! I am Vanessa, owner and designer behind Little Bean Threads. Back in 2015 I created my first #allovercover. It was for me to meet the needs of a crazy nurser! Claire my youngest never wanted to stay still. I was dread having to go out within her feeding times. She was by no means a graceful nurser. I wanted something that was light and had many uses. At the time I also had two 2 year olds running a muck and my diaper bag was just too full! I needed it to serve its nursing needs along with being practical. Just like that the first All Over Cover was created.

As the children grew so did their needs for daily clothing. This is when our first harem romper was born! As the kids grow, you can expect our clothing line to change and adapt along with them!

One of the main goals with Little Bean Threads is to have products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made. This means all of our fabric is organic bamboo locally sourced. All of our products are made locally by woman in the Fraser Valley. We are about keeping things local and close to home. We want to support our local economy. 

Now with new growth we've added A Beautiful Mess. Created off the bones of Little Bean Threads, you can find these two great companies together. We made items that you use daily in your house and are tossing out. Our un-paper towels were created when we realized just how much we were using and tossing out. Nursing pads, they are right up there with diapers and tossing out! Cotton eye rounds for the ladies, mamas, and sisters in our lives! very soft to the skin but with enough grit to get your face cleaned!


For wholesale inquiries please email us at littlebeanthreads@outlook.com for more information.