When I sat down to pick out my fabrics, I wanted them to be soft, comfortable and most of all beautiful. We started using the bamboo when we made out first All Over Cover.  I chose colours that can be paired with your other favourite local brands.

Bamboo is antibacterial, which means it won't get stinky when you wear it!

Its super soft, if you have a child with sensory issues you'll love this fabric.

The weight, you'll find our clothing has a heavier weight, but don't fret. The bamboo is moisture wicking. It will help keep your little beans warm when its cool out. In return keeping them cool when its warm out! Which means you can wear the clothing year round!

Its sensitive, we made sure even the most sensitive skin won't get irritated with our items. Having children with sensitive skin, we made sure they'd love it too!

We hope you love the fabrics we chose for your little beans!


When we started with A Beautiful Mess, we decided to use cotton terry, and flannelette. Both wash and use amazingly, and won't break down even with the strongest of messes.