We chose to introduce Young Living into our house back in the fall of 2017.

      We started with their Thieves Cleaner. Its a staple in our house now for all cleaning issues. We've removed all toxic cleaners and replaced them with Thieves. Shortly after we bought our first starter kit and fell in love with each Oil and its uses! The main one we use in our house is purification. With three small children, three animals and two adults our house can get quite, well smelly! 

We use R.C with our oldest daughter with her asthma, and we've reduced the amount we have to use her puffers while at home. Gentle baby is always going at night in their rooms, yes my kids all each have a diffuser. No matter the time of day or where we are, moms always got an oil!

We brought Young Living into our house to help us live a more healthy natural life, and we hope we can do the same with you!